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Puppy Rayn and Friends: Tora part 2 (Day 28)

Comic #28


Puppy Rayn and Friends Presents . . . . .


(Part 2)

By Kevin Conner
Art: Andrew DeCrescenzo

Tora is patent protected in US, CA, AU with additional international trademarks and copyright restrictions.
For more information on Tora (including a complete set of the rules in *.pdf format and multiple languages), please visit, or contact us through either the official Puppy Rayn website or the official Puppy Rayn facebook site.

The following is in the words of Konekomimi as she explains the game to our silly puppy:

Do you remember what I taught you last week, Puppy? If not, then we should visit the library or web w/ a grown-up for last week's comic! This week I will teach you how to play the LONG BOARD! The long board is a lot bigger & has some new rules!

The New General - Chester (Chaz)

You and I now become Royalty, so we need a new person to be our General! Let's pick Chaz. He moves like normal, only now we both have 2 Generals, & each General provides 1 action. When you lose a General you don't lose the game, just 1 action. You lose when you have 0 actions.

The Royalty - King and Queen, Rayn and Konekomimi

We are no longer Generals, instead, we are now Royalty! We can each move up to 3 spaces in any direction & attack up to 2 spaces away! As normal, we can only attack if we haven't attacked in the same turn. Royalty provides 1 action, & if we are taken from the board, we can choose & replace one of our Generals. This makes him our new Royalty piece! If no Generals or Royalty are left, then we lose the game.

The Cavalry - Sylvia the Centaur

The Cavalry are mounted knights who help us fight! They can move 3 spaces in ANY direction. They can also jump over all pieces except a Soldier in Defense Position (see Soldier Rules). When a Cavalry piece jumps on a Soldier in Attack Position, or any other piece, only that piece attacked is removed from the board. Each player receives 4 Cavalry pieces.

Movement Clarification

Don't forget, 'to move in any direction' means for each square or intersection moved you can choose a new direction!

Setup for the Long Board - Pieces

Each player now receives extra Soldiers, Cannons & Archers! So make some extra copies of Sylphe, Brisa & Mr. Moon!
Each player should have the following:
1 (R)oyalty - King or Queen, 2 (G)enerals,
2 (C)annons, 4 (H)Cavalry (H for Horse),
9 (S)oldiers & 9 (A)rchers for setup.

Setup for the Long Board Setup 1 and 2

Since we showed you the graph version of the Short Board last week, we'll show you the checkered version of the Long Board this week. Don't forget, you can use graph (placing pieces on intersections) or checkered (placing pieces on squares). The Long Board is a very big 17 x 17! You can also play the 9x9 Short Board version in the middle of the long board! Just like with the Short Board, both players can choose for themselves whichever setup they prefer: Setup 1 or Setup 2! Below are two partial sections of the board showing each setup:

If you are having issues viewing 'Courier New', then the below text image will look better when copied into a plain text program, such as notepad, using a fixed width font that you can view.

Setup #1 -
__ 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Setup #2 -
__ 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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